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Shadow Work: Our Shadow Side is not always the "bad" stuff, it is more often the 'rejected' stuff. The parts of ourselves we were told (or believed) weren't good enough get hidden, stifled & abandoned in the dark.  Those parts aren't gone, they're not even silent.  They influence our decisions, create negative self-talk.  They often show up as self-deprecation, bad relationship choices, or as a snarky defense mechanism. They can show up as guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, self-loathing and rage. And their timing is always the worst.
Together we can get to the heart of what is holding you back and begin healing that deep unseen part of yourself. This process is often referred to as Shadow Work.

Transformational Life Coaching (TLC) is available in-person or via Zoom. Let's get together and chat.


Going Deep
: I believe we all have an inner compass, a knowing. We are born with a voice inside that guides us toward our purpose.  Living on purpose leads to being joyful, productive & creates a sense of being connected (to Source & to others).

Unfortunately, for many of us, in the chaos of life, that voice often get pushed aside or ignored all together. Ignoring this voice can create feelings of being disconnected, alone and/or without purpose. If prolonged, these feelings may lead to issues like hoarding or depression. They can also lead to poor relationships with others, with food & with money.

With the right guidance & support you can reconnect with your inner voice and realign with your compass.

Too deep? Transformation can be as simple or as deep as you choose.  Perhaps you are putting off a project or feeling overwhelmed with a cluttered home and don't know where to start.  Perhaps you want to lose some weight or figure out how to create more time for the things you enjoy.

Changes are within your power to create. Transformational Life Coaching can help.

Reach out, Journey within. Together, we can make this year transformational!

* Lisa Donahue is a Transformation Life Coach at Shadow's Sanctuary in Lakewood, OH