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Transformational Life Coaching, Reiki & Handcrafted Jewelry

Come in, come in. So glad to meet you...

Our products & services are designed to assist you on every step along your wellness journey. 

Reach out. Journey within.

We're here to help.

Check out our new space!

We're now in the front office of the RISE Center located inside the expanded space of The New Moon!

Shadow's Sanctuary is proud to be a founding member of
RISE Transformational Healing & Spiritual Guidance Center!

15729 Madison Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107

Regular Business Hours:
Tues-Thur 6p-8p
  Fri 2p-8p
Sat 12p-7p
Closed Sun & Mon
Appointments & Walk-ins welcome!

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Penny for your thoughts...

It was an enlightening session and great positive experience with positive energy.  I enjoyed it tremendously.

Re: Reiki Circle (Sept 2017)

What went well? Everything! Reading with cup & crystals was great! Felt awesome after Reiki & hand massage!

Re: Unwind Wednesday (Oct 2017)

Everything was awesome.  Everyone was friendly & welcoming.

RE: Unwind Wednesday (Oct 2017)

As a first timer, I found this experience very interesting and calming.  Can't wait to do it again!

Re: Reiki Circle (Mar 2018)


Reiki Cyber Circle Requests

  • All those affected by CoV
  • Family & friends of Jason (deceased)
  • Family & friends of Linda (deceased)
  • Family & friends of Judy (deceased)
  • Family & friends of Tom (deceased)
  • Family & friends of Colleen (deceased)
  • Mother Earth and All her children
  • All those affected by war, crime, disasters & the side effects of global imbalance.