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EFT / Tapping - FAQs

Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions About EFT/Tapping are below.

Feel free to Get In Touch if you have additional questions or need further details.

What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  EFT is a practical self-help method that involves using the fingers to gently tap on the body's acupuncture points along the meridian lines of Chinese Medicine.  It is often referred to as "EFT Tapping"  or simply "Tapping".  The therapeutic effects of the technique are recognized around the world.  One can use EFT Tapping for anxiety healthy weight, pain, stress and many other issues.

Tapping can be used for healing serious matters such as deep trauma, repressed memories & irrational fears, etc. It is equally effective for less debilitating matters that can prevent us from living our best life, such as stage fright, procrastination, or the afternoon slump. It is also safe for children & teens & helps with day to day stressors.

EFT (Tapping) helps us tune into the negative patterns that we form around our uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or troubling memories.  We 'tap' on the correct pressure points while bringing the thoughts or emotions into consciousness.  The aim is to find relief, relaxation, and promote healing around the emotional or physical issues that hold us back. (

How does EFT work?

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

The meridian points are certain points that can be mapped throughout the body.  Energy circulates through your body along this specific network of channels.  You can tap into this energy at any point along the system.

All negative emotions are felt though a disruption of the body's energy. The body, like everything in the universe, is composed of energy.  Restore balance to the body's energy, and you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption.  Tapping restores the body's energy balance and negative emotions are conquered.

The basic technique requires you to focus on the negative emotion at hand, a fear or anxiety, a bad memory, an unresolved problem, anything that is bothering you.  While maintaining your mental focus on this issue, use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 9 of the body's meridian points.  Tapping on these meridian points - while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion - will access your body's energy, restoring it to a balanced state.

"Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to the stress centers of the mid-brain, not mediated by the frontal lobes (the thinking part, active in talk therapy)." - Dr. Dawson Church.

Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress on physical and emotional levels, "EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session." In fact, it's EFT's ability to access the amygdala, an almond-shaped part of your brain that initiates your body's negative reaction to fear, a process we often refer to as the "fight or flight" response, that makes it so powerful.

Think of your amygdala as a personal alarm system.  When you experience trauma or fear, the amygdala is triggered and your body is flooded with cortisol, commonly known as the "stress hormone". This intricate chain reaction - your stress response - significantly influences and sometimes even causes whatever it is that troubles you, whether that's an illness, injury, emotion, or even en external problem such as an issue with a friendship. (www.

Can I try it for Free? What is Tapping Tuesdays?

Yes! Join us every 2nd & 4th Tuesday for Tapping Tuesday to learn more about this incredible technique.  We'll discuss what it is, the tapping points & some of the potential benefits.  We'll also tap together in a simple round.  Each session will address a different topic.  Topics may include money blocks, limiting beliefs, anxiety, physical pain, bad memories, etc. Tapping Tuesdays are free on our Facebook Page.  Donations are gratefully accepted.

EFT / Tapping FAQs: FAQ
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